During the last few years, a new term has been raised and discussed several times; The Neurobics; although this is a brand new science but it quickly gained the world recognition as a hope to retain and strengthen brain abilities.

Neurobics has been proved to help brain to maintain its memory nad health. As it tends to stimulate new connections to work and develop. This happen by doing special, yet easy exercises.

The main idea is to introduce an extra ordinary experience to the brain, and break the regular routine by injecting novelty in the daily activities.

One of the most used techniques is to disable some senses and use another senses in place of it during a certain task. Like walking with eyes closed and use touching in place to determine the obstacles. Or using your eyes to read lips instead of listing to a conversation.

Such irregular activities stimulates the brain to use connections that it hasn't used to use on a regular basis. so It starts to grow stronger. Its a lot similar to the body muscles. You need to train each muscle in order to gain strength and flexibility. Also the connections between neurons need to be used a lot in order to be healthy and function well.

Doing neurobics not only beneficent for the brain connections, but also helps the brain to keep a sharp memory. One of the most causes for memory weakness is the fact that the stored data inside brain in already there, but we cannot find a route to them, these data will remain unused until the volatile gradually. Maintaining a powerful connections between neurons will surely reduce the probability of having a weak memory.

Make sure you perform neurobics during your day. The good thing that the neurobics can be easily blended with your normal tasks without the need to mess out your lifestyle. there are a lot of exercises that you can perform during walking, shopping or even heading to bed.

Our brains is the most valuable organ that must be kept sharp and health, Neurobics is the key to achieve this.

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